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With:-  David J. Kelly MBACP (Accred)

07534 900467

About Couples Counselling

Couples therapy is not simply individual therapy with two people.  Far from it, couple therapy is a different entity entirely which requires the use of different skills, theory and perspective.   

The term ‘couples’ means any two adults who have or want to have a close relationship with each other, regardless of whether they live together, are married or not, or what gender they are.  

Couples relationships (especially when they go a bit wrong) can involve intensely difficult emotions, especially when there is conflict and/or distrust.

Couples undertake relationship counselling/therapy for many different reasons.  Sometimes this can be:

Intimacy problems, or a lack of intimacy (either emotional, physical or sexual) – communication – lack of understanding - trust issues – affairs – life changing events – fear of commitment – sexual difficulties -  unhealthy behaviours – past experiences – and the list goes on…..

This list was just intended to give some examples.  Couples come to counselling for many and often quite unique reasons.  

What do I do now?

If you would like to book an initial session please phone me on the number above. You may often get my answer-phone, but please do leave your name and contact number and I will reply to your message.  My answer-phone is secure and confidential.