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For many people a close and loving relationship is one of the most important things in their life.  

Relationships however are often complicated, and can easily start to go wrong, sometimes without any obvious warning signals.  When this happens, it is often very helpful to get Specialist Couples Counselling.

Many people want to have a satisfying relationship with a partner so it stands to reason that when things do go a bit wrong, they can often become confused, disappointed, angry and hurt.  This often leads to a breakdown in communication, leaving one or both partners feeling alone within what was once a loving relationship.

Couples Counselling or Relationship Counselling as it is sometimes called is a distinct specialism that requires particular skills and training which is not usually included in counselling/psychotherapy trainings. When looking for a couple’s counsellor or therapist it’s important to always confirm:  

          •    That the counsellor/therapist has undertaken extensive specialist couples counselling training.

This is important because couples counselling at times requires the knowledge and use of different skills and techniques to those used when counselling individuals.

The different pages of this website hopefully explain and answer most of the questions you may have.

David J. Kelly BACP Registered & Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist